One Page Business Description Template (Via Josh Spector)

Have a business? Write a version of this (h/t Josh Spector):

  1. What we sell:
  2. Why our customers buy:
  3. How we get leads today:
  4. What’s the problem?
  5. What do we have?
  6. What do we not have?

The Cultish Creative version, so you can see it doesn’t just need to be for your incorporated manufacturing whatever… (using “we” because I consider you a part of this with me):

  1. What we give away: daily conversation starters.
  2. Why our customers sign-up: they know the best way to be interesting is to be interested. Quick stories or ideas like this can help get conversations started, and when delivered correctly, connections and progress ensue. 
  3. How we get leads today: referrals, Twitter, LinkedIn, but mostly referrals.
  4. What’s the problem: people may not always want a daily idea, but why not have that nudge + a library for next time they need to crack the ice? There’s always a next time. Mi biblioteca su biblioteca.
  5. What do we have: a library of several years worth of conversation starters – and counting.
  6. What do we not have: no click-baity growth hacks, no thinly veiled affiliate link schemes, no sales pitch to buy anything from us. All we want to do is have talking at work or in life not suck.