Pizza Box / Tiffany’s Box?

Think about a product or service you offer.

Imagine a table with two boxes on it. One is a pizza box, the other is Tiffany’s box.

Both boxes are desirable, but for different reasons.

Which box does your product or service belong in?

Are you competing on price or perceived value?

Are competing on impulse or do you require planning?

Can you be delivered 24/7 or does someone have to seek out a special location to find you?

Who is your competition and how similar are their boxes? Is this a disadvantage or an advantage?

What occasions do you associate with each box type? How does what you do associate with those occasions?

The way we package our products and services, both figuratively and literally, sends signals. We have to understand what those signals are in advance in order to match our design with the experience that surrounds them.

Asking if something belongs in a pizza box or a Tiffany’s box can be a good starting point.