Plus Minus Next Journaling (2023 Prep Tools)

Max Jancar has, “a cheat sheet for turning a devastating loss into the best thing that ever happened to you.

It’s a big promise, but as we reflect on what we want to do in 2023, and inevitably what we didn’t do/didn’t do so well in 2022, this can be a really useful tool. 

He’s gearing it at relationships, but the applications are way broader. 

Business, dog training, etc. They all apply. 

Make three columns across the top of the page. At the top of the first one write “plus,” on the second write “minus,” and on the third write “next.”

Pick a period of time, and start reflecting. 

The plus column is where stuff that made you happy goes. It includes stuff that went well or even great too. 

The minus column is where stuff that made you sad goes. It includes stuff that went poorly, or caused frustration, or devastation, or pick your negative vibe of choice. 

Don’t worry about order. This is a journaling exercise and we’re just trying to capture ideas and broad emotions.

The next column is what you’d like to do next. It might be next time one of the plus or minus things occur. Or, it might be next in life after what you just went through in general. 

The final step is to look at the whole thing, realize you survived, and prioritize what’s what in the next column. 

Read Jancar’s whole post. Think this over. Then put the left foot in front of the right foot and get ready for 2023.

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