Podcast Of The Week: A Crazy-Smart Creative Pro’s Peek Inside Her Week

Hey! On Saturday’s I highlight a podcast about being a creative professional. Sometimes it’s direct, sometimes it’s indirect, but it’s always entertaining and educational. Check these out and send anything good you’ve heard lately my way!

Amy Porterfield is a powerhouse. From humble beginnings to helping build Tony Robbins’ empire to her own career, she gets more done (and profitably) than most of the people you know (and I know, so I’m making an assumption, but the girl is impressive).

While I normally don’t go for the “this is what CEOs eat for breakfast” links, this look into how she structures her week was incredibly useful to me.

If you run your own business/team/family, check out her podcast: #411: A Day-by-Day Sneak Peek Into My Work Week.

She gets into goal-setting over multiple time horizons, how to align weekly goals with the larger ones, pick/organize your team, make time for family, and not burn out. I needed to hear this. You might too.

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