Podcast Of The Week: A Customer Acquisition Cost Masterclass With Jessi Pujji

Jessi Pujji knows a thing or two about customer acquisition. He’s a Jedi at social media marketing and has worked with some of the largest modern direct-to-consumer brands to help create and execute on their campaigns.

Pujji showed up on the Founder’s Field Guide Podcast (ep. 27) with Patrick O’Shaughnessy this week and gave an incredible overview of the performance marketing space (this is where a company pays a marketing firm for a result, like a sale, a click, a generated lead, etc.).

The interview is part of O’Shaughnessy’s new “Primers” series, where they help take your knowledge of a topic from 0 to 7 (out of 10), so don’t be intimidated. If your vocabulary is lite in this space, get ready to take notes.

From the episode description:

In this Primer with Jesse, we dive into how revenue mechanics affect ad campaigns, why long sales funnels often offer the greatest opportunities for differentiation, and the various channels and strategies available for performance marketing.

Listen and learn. Oh, and if you haven’t signed up for Colossus yet – the multi-media knowledge library O’Shaughnessy is developing, WTF are you waiting for? Click the link. Enjoy!