Podcast Of The Week: Ben Hunt on Panic With Friends

Ben Hunt returned to Howard Lindzon’s Panic With Friends podcast a few weeks ago – and if you missed it, it’s worth the revisit. Hunt is one of my favorite thinkers on how to think about people’s behavior in the context of markets. 

If you’re not a finance person, think about it as how marketing turns into sales (or no sales!) at a store, from both the store’s perspective, the buyer’s perspective, and the marketing firm in the middle’s perspective. 

Ben Hunt consistently amazes me by putting all of the pieces on the board into context. Having Howard Lindzon to goad him on is always a bonus.

They talk about the whistleblower report (and greed) that’s roiled turned Trump’s SPAC in October. 

They talk about how the UK pension system got itself into so much hot water this year by having their assumptions turn around to bite them. 

They talk about how stubbornly persistent inflation changes the way businesses allocate their money and what that might mean for markets and regular people over the next few years. 

You can read more posts about Ben Hunt here too. Podcast below (or find it on your podcast player of choice):

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