Podcast of the Week: Boyd Varty Talking Tracking in Africa

Boyd Varty was back with Patrick O’Shaughnessy on the Invest Like The Best Podcast this week.

Patrick recently had the opportunity to join Boyd and his family in Africa on a retreat to do some tracking, exploring and philosophical pondering.

There are two episodes to listen to – and after listening, all I can say is “I want to go.”

There’s an early discussion about wild dogs which really stuck with me. Boyd explains the purpose and rhythm of each activity the dogs are doing – from resting, to being social, to hunting. He explains how efficiency is mostly a function of presence and attentiveness to the purpose of each moment. Patrick expands further on what it meant to him (and why he has two wild dog figurines on his desk now).

There are so many metaphors to borrow and parallels to draw here – take some time and give it a listen.

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