Podcast Of The Week: Brené Brown On What Vulnerability Isn’t

Adam Grant is lining up all my favorite people at the moment, and this WorkLife podcast with Brené Brown does not disappoint. What I like most about this conversation is they focus on how vulnerability, shame, guilt, authenticity, boundaries, and more – belong in our conversations at work.

Not fit in, belong.

Uncomfortable yet? It’s ok. Balancing the professional with the human isn’t obvious for so many reasons.

One gift academic practitioners like Grant and Brown offer is they can break down the meanings behind even basic words (like when to use “guilt” versus “shame”). These differences show us where the nuance lives. They’re empowering. They keep us out of black and white arguments and put us into a gray-scale exploration mode so we can find direction and intention.

Spend some time with this one. Listen to, “Taken for Granted: Brené Brown on What Vulnerability Isn’t.”

Want more insights on Adam Grant’s or Brené Brown’s work? I’ve got you covered. Here’s more on Grant, and here’s more on Brown.

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