Podcast Of The Week: Brett Goldstein’s Films To Be Buried With

This has been my favorite podcast for the last few months. I’m a little bit of a movie nerd. These people are BIG movie nerds. I’m having so much fun eavesdropping. 

Most people will know Brett Goldstein from his role as Roy Kent on Ted Lasso. That’s certainly where I discovered him. 

But, there’s more to the guy, including how he’s a film-studying comedian, and podcast pioneer for how he turned a long-form interview format on its head. There’s a lot of genius happening here at a lot of different levels.

I’ll give you my top 3 so far, but please, let me know if you have a favorite since I’m late to discovering this:

Patton Oswalt, ep #121 (I knew Patton had movie takes, but holy crap the Batman stuff…)

Mike Birbiglia, #183 (come on, it’s Mike Birbiglia – a little awkward but so honest)

Edgar Right, #126 and #127 (you know, just anther guy who saw Evil Dead and said “I think I could do that” like every post-Ramones punk kid in America said about playing power chords, but then he actually DID IT at an equally amazing level. Edgar Right loves movies at Kevin Smith/Quentin Tarantino level, and his passion is infectious here)

ps. did you know so many comedians are split on either absolutely loving or abjectly hating horror movies?

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