Podcast Of The Week: Cal Fussman Memorializes Larry King

Cal Fussman, who is one of my personal favorite interviewers, writers, and conversationalists, was mentored by Larry King. They had a special relationship, and Larry King, whatever you know or think you know about him, led a fascinating life. This is a gorgeous obituary in audio form. It’s also laugh out loud funny and you might even learn a thing or two.* It’s worth your time, just press play.

Listen to, “Larry King: The Great Farewell,” on Big Questions with Cal Fussman.

*need more convincing? Cal plays clips of Larry King talking about the time he and his friends faked a kid’s death in middle school, how he got Frank Sinatra to open up about his son’s kidnapping on air, the time he snuck out of the station to meet a lady but the record he left playing started skipping… and so much more. I’m telling you, there are some incredible stories here.