Podcast Of The Week: Colin Chung’s Copy Chief Interview

Colin’s been as much a friend to me as a mentor. He’s nudged me to push myself on more than one occasion, and today, I’m so happy to share this interview with all of you. 

He talks about leaving his corporate job. The fear of breaking away. The freedom of freelancing. The fun of networking. Why he hates small talk. And so much more. 

Possibly my favorite part of this conversation is how he talks about and approaches networking. Introverts, you’ll want to hear this. I don’t know many people who approach networking this way and it’s one of my favorite things about Colin. 

Give Copy Chief Radio #252 Freelancer’s Journey: Colin Chung – “Safer Than A Real Job” a listen and check out Colin’s writing/research/curiosities over at Osmosis.dev.  

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