Podcast of the Week: “Creativity Is My Currency” – Will.i.am on Masters of Scale

“I was raised really poor – but creativity is my currency.” – Will.iam

Whatever you think of Black Eyes Peas music, Will.i.am as an entrepreneur is undeniably inspiring. The story behind the interwoven Super Bowl halftime performance and marketing at the top of this podcast alone is worth a few minutes of your time. He’s a brilliant businessman.

Music and “selling out” is a touchy subject with me personally. Especially because in business we are succeeding when we sell out of something. If the authentic message of the artist is to move and sell ideas, can they exist in that grey area without being obnoxious hypocrites? You can decide for yourself. We can agree that when done right, in the extra-Steve Stoute sense of using cultural capital (see here), the results can be world-altering.

Check out the Masters of Scale podcast episode, “Make it Epic.” Then, take all of those little good ideas and think really hard about ways to combine and compound on them.

(If anyone can find one with the ads at the front and back, share it in the comments)

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