Podcast Of The Week: Danny Meyer On Hospitality And Humanity

I’ll stop stanning Danny Meyer when he stops making me understand things so clearly. Maybe it’s reading Impro and thinking of everything in terms of the status seesaw, but even in an interview where he covers a bunch of core-Meyer material, I learn something from him every time.

If’n you don’t know, Meyer is a world-renowned restauranteur whose dedication to building a culture of hospitality is why we’re so interested in him here. Creating value, serving people, building teams and organizations that are committed to delivering together – I don’t care if you’re in a cubicle at an office or chasing your kids on the playground or waiting tables at the hottest local restaurant, you’ve got something to learn from him.

If you want to catch up first, here’s a post (or five, let me suggest “Salt Shaker Theory” in particular).

If you’re ready to dive in, Shane Parrish has a masterful interview with Meyer himself on The Knowledge Project, episode #115. Enjoy.

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