Podcast Of The Week: David Cross And The Dad Gene

Hey! On Saturday’s I highlight a podcast about being a creative professional. Sometimes it’s direct, sometimes it’s indirect, but it’s always entertaining and educational. Check this out and send anything good you’ve heard lately my way!

Dads: The Podcast.

My brother just put me onto this and I’ve been catching up. The first one that really caught my attention was David Cross. He talks about “the Dad gene,” his own absentee/messed up father experience, and how it impacted his fathering experience.

It’s funny. They talk about not letting your kids see your work (as a standup comedian). But it’s also deeply vulnerable. I wasn’t expecting a story about Cross going to stay with his father and realizing this wasn’t going to be a good relationship for him.

We all carry thoughts, ideas, and feelings across generations. This is a conversation about how we move forward, adapt, and change. Give it a listen.

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