Podcast Of The Week: David Senra In Service Of Founders

David Senra made an Invest Like The Best appearance discussing what he’s learned doing Founders, particularly over the past year (since that’s when most of us discovered him, courtesy of Patrick O’Shaughnessy anyway). 

Here’s 5 favorite highlights from my notes – and man, Senra is such a force of nature, I could write a post on each of these (!) and I have so many more notes:

You have to be easy to interface with. If you want people to find you, buy from you, learn from you, etc., you have to be easy to understand and interact with. 

Make insanely great products. This was one of Steve Jobs’ rules for working with him. You have to want to make something insanely great. Where you set your bar matters. 

Most success starts later in life than you’d think. We’re talking 40s and older people. I need to hear this a million times, and “it’s never too late to start” is timeless until you’re dead. . 

Find high-agency people. Hire “people who scare me” because they’re so smart and will eventually take my job/replace me. High-agency people get the most done. Find them, and be one.  

Intelligence is being able to answer 2 questions: are you smart enough to know what you want to get out of life? Did you get it? I’ll stop saying “stupid stupid stupid” to myself periodically and replace it with this one. Go get it too, will you? 

Just listen. David Senra – In Service of Founders on the Invest Like the Best podcast.

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