Podcast of the Week: Dr. Pippa Malmgren on Macro Voices

We all have spoken with, or read things written by, people who think Trump (USA), Xi (China), and Kim (N. Korea) are all just maniacs yelling at and taunting one another.

While that may not be completely false (I don’t really know), let’s assume that all three have objectives behind their strategy. How should we start to pull those objectives and incentives apart from their public communications?

Enter Dr. Pippa Malmgreen. If you’ve never heard her speak, you’re in for a real treat. Listen to her Macro Voices interview where she explains the policy negotiation style that reaches over diplomats (which China favors and Trump is delivering), North Korea’s cultural understanding of labor and why they need a viable path towards help, and how the cyber battlefield will be the most important battlefield of the future – and probably not in the way you think.

Even if she’s not right at all – we can learn something by merely following along with her logic.

For non-markets people, listen from minute 19 – 1 hr. 12 minutes.