Podcast Of The Week: Dr. Randall Stutman On Becoming An Admired Leader

Every now and then I look at a podcast title and description two or three times, glancing at the length, and wondering if I should even bother. I came very close to skipping this one and am so glad I didn’t. Dr. Randall Stutman is a leadership coach and founder at the Admired Leadership Institute. Everything he discusses is based on practical application. Everything. This isn’t your standard few tips and an acronym leadership coaching pitch.

James Altucher dives straight in with questions about what to do in a political debate and Stuttman explains how having core values to anchor on creates a feeling of confidence. They discuss the power of vivid language, having “lexiconal diversity,” teaching everyone in your organization to lead, the differences between motivation and inspiration, and why leadership is being a fan (a few highlights from my notes).

If you’re interested in expanding your leadership skills, get Dr. Stutman on your radar and give “How to Become the Kind of Leader People Admire & Love” on The James Altucher Show Podcast, ep. 600 a shot.

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