Podcast Of The Week: Experts Come From Out Of Town – A Masterclass In Mentorship From Tren Griffin And James O’Shaughnessy

Full disclosure: I could listen to Tren Griffin and James O’Shaughnessy talk all day. An hour in podcast form is a gift. I’ll be a fly on the wall for them talking any time.

At the highest level, if you have an interest in mentoring others, here are two brilliant people with long careers leading by example. This conversation is full of insights like why “experts come from out of town” (aka why hearing an idea from anyone other than your parents helps), how the key to success is “escaping the gravity of base rates (how to know what’s average and figure out how to do better than it), and why we need to build our networks, brands, and confidence in that order.

They’ve both had their successes, they’re both still actively working, and this is a conversation about ways they think and give back. Listen to “Tren Griffin – Escaping Gravity” on the Infinite Loops podcast.

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