Podcast Of The Week: Gave On What Is Happening In Global Markets

I need some optimism. I also need a fresh perspective on reality. Louis-Vincent Gave is a great macro thinker, and being that he both lives outside of the US, and does global investing/research, he’s just the insightful conversation I was looking for.

Gave appeared on the MacroVoices podcast a few weeks ago and talked about what it means for the Western confiscation of (Russian) assets, how this changes the way the world will see “safe” assets going forward (whether it’s US dollar-denominated stuff, or that house in Vancouver), why a single currency system doesn’t have to be in our future, what new global partnerships look like in a more localized world, and why each of these create new silver linings.

I’m a big believer in the show going on. People like Gave help us understand what the new show might look like (and hopefully, plan accordingly).