Podcast Of The Week: Godin And Koppelman (The Marketing Of Climate Change)

Seth Godin is back on Brian Koppelman’s The Moment podcast. I love that they’re friends and record these conversations for us to hear.

While some of you will get very hyped up about what Godin’s latest book is about, some others amongst you will probably be hyped up against it.

Listen with the intent of understanding how these arguments are being formulated and presented.

The new book is called, The Carbon Almanac: It’s Not Too Late. Godin is playing editor, more than anything here, and compiling ways to think about and resolve our carbon dependence.

I can’t say if or how we get out of this, but I do know that whatever we do about carbon and/or our planet, the stories we tell will drive our actions. Godin is giving us an almanac of such stories.

Listen as he works through some of the big ideas with Brian Koppelman, and check out the book.

Ps. I’ve mentioned it before, but especially for my finance people – Doomberg is one of the most thoughtful people/groups writing about what’s happening in energy and how we might actually transition towards a greener future, over time. See their stuff here.

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