Podcast Of The Week: How KFC + Champagne Became Dave Grohl’s Favorite Backstage Meal (And Other Stories)

Being a fly on the wall for a conversation between two people I’m fascinated by never gets old. Conan O’Brien and Dave Grohl do not disappoint. In this interview we get all sorts of amazing stories, including some about the tour manager they both shared, and the time Dave Grohl accidentally discovered his love for KFC and champagne.

There’s a bunch of other great stuff here too, including the Foo Fighters’ pre-show laughing ritual, the time Grohl almost died at the White House (“they must have good doctors there, right?”), and what it’s like to rehearse with Paul McCartney.

So grab some KFC and champagne, pull up your podcast player of choice, and listen to Dave Grohl’s interview on the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast. You will be entertained.

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