Podcast Of The Week: How Stories Create Enduring Value With Park Howell

Park Howell is an advertising and branding legend with decades of experience. I’m extra drawn to him for two reasons. For one, he survived the transition to online marketing 20ish ago and succeeded on both sides. The guy knows how to adapt and succeed. For the other, his work focuses on the primal connection we humans have to stories. I’m in.

Using story as the basis of everything that matters to us, Howell explains basic story structure, how brands use it and succeed, how they misuse it and fail, and where the modern opportunities for differentiating stories are, especially around owning and dominating categories.

For the pattern marchers out there, you’re going to love this. His ABT framework (which I wrote about this week here) can help us understand everything from basic ad copy, to nursery rhymes, to even the Gettysburg Address (all covered in the interview by the way). It’s just so cool.

Listen to “How To Write A Legendary Brand Story With Park Howell” on the Lochhead on Marketing podcast.

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