Podcast Of The Week: How To Drive Short-Term Revenue NOW

Times are hard and perhaps getting harder. Summer is supposed to be about driving to the beach, and between gas prices, the collapse of globalization, and wondering if we can take time away from work ever, it’s stressful. 

Take solace in the actionable. I’m still going to the beach in August. But I’m also still looking for ways to innovate and drive results professionally. 

Christopher Lochhead has a great podcast up titled, “How To Drive Short Term Revenue Now.” 

He says to focus first on the people who love what you’re doing. Then, figure out what else they love (that you may or may not be doing). Finally, add some of those things – where appropriate – to your arsenal, because there are almost certainly other people just like them, feeling just the same things, who would love to meet someone like you who can string all of these things together. 

Recessions and periods of stress are the time to dig a little deeper. Not to put our heads in the sand – to find additional opportunities, buried just below the surface, that we can use to grow when the hard times eventually end. 

Yeah. They suck, but they END. And if they don’t, well, let’s hope they end.  The alternative is… not good.

Stay aspirational out there. The hard times are the soil all of the good times grow out of.