Podcast Of The Week: I Get No (Leadership) Respect

Muriel Wilkins’ new podcast (via HBR) is called Coaching Real Leaders. Whether you have an interest in coaching, leadership, or just human psychology, Wilkins is amazing and I’m really excited she has a podcast. Also, for the people out there who maybe don’t want to dive all the way into the therapist’s couch of personal trauma every time, Wilkins is a Human Resources approved Jedi. She can delicately pick a lock without breaking any professional windows (when necessary). Take a listen. You’ll be in awe of her skill and self-awareness too.

I want to highlight the episode, “Getting the Leadership Respect I Deserve,” where she helps an executive who is stepping into a new organization make sure she does it right. This leader is gifted at giving but struggles with receiving, and their conversation unearths some really interesting patterns I found… let’s just say, “relatable.” Wilkins mastery in leading the person to self-discovery is on full display.

If you’re into this kind of thing, browse the other episodes and keep an eye on the feed. We can learn a lot from Wilkins and her guests.