Podcast Of The Week: Jason Isbell

“The last time people really needed the written word was when it was on the wall of a cave, ever since then it’s been a vanity project for all of us.” Songwriter/guitar player/poet/all-around fascinating human Jason Isbell pretty much starts there with Brian Koppelman (The Moment with Brian Koppelman podcast 5/12/20). All creative work is a vanity project, it’s meaningless, and knowing that fills him with life. If you’re going to give it any meaning, make it the most important thing.

His new album, Reunions, is out now. As expected, it’s deeply personal at times, introspective, and insightful into the human condition. They get into his process and how he’s currently reconciling the past and present (his former alcoholism, raising his kids). There were several moments I hit pause just to let something sink in. Isbell and Koppelman are friends (Koppelman gets to hang out with everyone apparently?!) and they cover ground you won’t hear anywhere else.

Give the podcast a listen and then, if you’re like me, check out the new album and go back through the catalogue.

Bonus: Isbell’s appearance on the Men in Blazers Podcast was great too. Rog is using his lyrics to “Hope the High Road” as the epigraph in his book.