Podcast Of The Week: Jerry Seinfeld On Process, Practice, And What It Means To Be A Professional

Tim Ferriss lined up some killer guests last year. Now, some of these may have sat in my queue for a little longer than normal, but like Jim Collins last week, this Jerry Seinfeld episode is worth making time for.

A few highlights that might turn into posts next week:

Why discovering a talent is like discovering you own a horse. Whereas once you have it, it’s up to you to learn how to train and ride it.

Why growth requires you to be constantly hitting your wall (i.e. pushing your limits).

How pain is just knowledge rushing in to fill a void. Yes, Seinfeld gets Zen.

Their respect for each other is on display for the whole interview too. This really is a special conversation. Listen to Jerry Seinfeld on The Tim Ferriss Show ep. 485 – enjoy.

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