Podcast Of The Week: Jim Bianco Just Altered My Entire View On NFTs

Ok, I know, I still haven’t written that NFT post I’ve promised to write, but I’m still learning. And god is there so much to learn here.

Jim Bianco is one of my favorite macro thinkers and JC Parets is one of my favorite “the trends don’t lie” financial guys who helps keep my thinking honest (and I also get my wine rec’s from him too – the guy changed my whole pizza experience during the pandemic).

Here’s why you need to hear this one, especially if you’re interested in the crypto space:

Tokens could become as significant as stocks and bonds in capital structures.

Think of them like loyalty programs on steroids, where the programs themselves could have market-based values.

Hear about some of the companies and tokens that are expanding their use cases in the space, and no, this isn’t just about how to make a quick buck.

Seriously. I will write that post. I think tokens and smart contracts, even if we can’t all start using them today, we will be using them widely in the next few years. That makes understanding them now a critical step for us to take.

Listen to, “DeFi & Technical Analysis: My Conversation W/ Jim Bianco, CMT” on the All Star Charts podcast.

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