Podcast Of The Week: John Green Reviews Adam Grant’s WorkLife

First – thank you to everyone who responded with podcast app suggestions. I’m going to start my experiment with Spotify since they’ve got some of my people exclusively and I’ve been reluctantly missing out for long enough (Brene, Esther – I’m back).

I’ve already raved about John Green’s book, The Anthropocene Reviewed, but if you can’t get to the book, at least get to this podcast interview with Adam Grant. If you do read the book too, you’ll get several bonus reviews at the end that are worth the price of admission alone.

If you don’t know either of these guys, you should know that Adam Grant teaches organizational psychology (aka how groups interact, thrive, and fail) and John Green writes about the experience of being human, particularly through the eyes of young adults encountering the biggest issues we all face for the first time (ex. love, death, change, etc.).

They have a lot in common. And there’s also a detailed discussion about Mario Kart.


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