Podcast Of The Week: Justin Castelli On Living Your Life

You might not be reading this on 11/11/23, but this video/podcast says life is as easy as 111123. 

The heavy finger or stutter on the 1’s is real.

You want it to go 123. But starting is hard. 111123 feels way more accurate.  

Justin Castelli kicked off a series of live talks (out in Indiana) a few weeks ago. He’s making a personal dream happen. And he’s talking about one of my favorite things to hear from him about, “Are You Living Someone Else’s Life.” 

In the words of Carl Jung, 

The world will ask you who you are, and if you do not know, the world will tell you. 

Writing the book you want to write is hard. The world can and will present plenty of other plans for you. Some will even look pretty good. 

Justin’s been down that path. He saw the simple order of 123. He’s played around with different angles, structures, and paths. But now he’s getting back to the simplicity of following through on what feels right to him. He’s on his pursuit (or PRST as he likes to call it), and good things come from knowing what step you want to take next. 

The trick is to be ok with 111123. The trick is to avoid 132 and 321. The trick is to be ok with thinking you need to go 321 first, only to later get back on a 123 track.

Get it? The trick is is in the direction. Not the progress, but the progress in the right direction.  

You, and only you, can pick the life you want. Follow along with Justin’s journey. And check out this talk – it will make you think, and more importantly, it will make you feel.

Ps. and now “1234 1234” is stuck in my head. IYKYK