Podcast Of The Week: Kat Cole On Invest Like The Best

Kat Cole is a remarkable person. Under the leadership of her mother they left an alcoholic father when she was 9, she put herself through school, dropped out to pursue a career climbing the corporate ladder at Hooters, got her MBA, became the president of Cinnabon – which she helped to overhaul, and then became president of their parent company Focus Brands. She did all this by age 40. Kat Cole gets things done. Like. A. Boss.

Her interview with Patrick O’Shaughnessy on the Invest Like the Best podcast (ep. 148) focuses on lessons from life and business. This is probably one of the best podcasts I’ve heard this year. It mixes life, business, storytelling, work ethic, operational processes, leadership, and so much more. Check it out. See also the post, “What Took You So Long?

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