Podcast Of The Week: Matthew Ball Metaverse Podcast Tour

Matthew Ball’s book is finally out (and if you want to see me obsessing over things I’ve learned from his thinking on media, tech, business, etc. click here). 

The metaverse – or this second plane of real-time virtual reality – is not just early 90s science fiction anymore. 

The tech is upon us, the building and implementation are just a matter of time. And lest you think this is just for video games or “the kids,” consider how healthcare (remote visits, procedures, and treatments), industrial uses (data rich warehouses, factories, and supply chains), and education (teaching beyond classrooms and lectures with immersive experiences from anywhere) could all change. 

He’s on the podcast tour, so look for him on any podcast you already appreciate. I’ve checked out these two so far and have the book queued up:

Matthew Ball on the Metaverse and Gaming,” on the Conversations with Tyler podcast ep #154. 

Matthew Ball – Manual to the Metaverse,” on the Invest Like The Best podcast

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