Podcast Of The Week: May I Elaborate With JB Smoove

Sometimes you just need a laugh. Sometimes the dumbest thing, like an inspirational quote-a-day calendar, needs to be so savagely misinterpreted that it can bring you to tears and leave the rest of humanity wilting in the dust.

JB Smoove’s guest spots on Conan O’Brien’s podcast have been some of my favorites, but now JB has his own. On it, he reads an inspirational quote and riffs wildly (maniacally, brilliantly). I now have a new favorite “this is better than a stiff drink with friends” insane laughter generator.

This won’t be for everyone. But, if it is for you, you’ll know in the first thirty seconds of any of these episodes. And, if so – you’re welcome. I have a new daily ritual, and it is to laugh at some crazy BS that JB Smoove is putting down.

Here’s a quick example. Head to your podcast player of choice for more. Enjoy.