Podcast Of The Week: Mike Birbiglia And Ronny Chieng

Sometimes you just need to laugh. I’ve been enjoying Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out Podcast series a lot, and this episode with Ronny Chieng hit the spot. Talking to each other about bits and ideas, we get Birbiglia’s laid back narrative insights and Chieng’s ability to really dial up the contrast. Why do we always seem to compare the worst of one country to the best of another? How might conspiracy theorists take the other side in an alternate reality? Did you know mortgage means death contract?

There’s something special about pros talking to pros in a loosely structured format like this, especially when they give us examples of how they’re working on their craft. Also, the little side stories about everyday life and how they think about it now are delightful. I could listen to them describe this lens through which they experience regular life all day. If this episode appeals to you, do try the entire series.