Podcast Of The Week: Musk, Twitter, And Strategy (And Stratechery)

What happens if the world’s richest man becomes in charge of the most important information platform?

The “Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter” story may be stale by the time I click send on this email, but this conversation between Derek Thompson and Ben Thompson will still be significant. 

Derek has previously called Twitter “a library with a food fight in the basement.” His point is that despite the chaos, there’s a wealth of information as you move “higher.” 

Ben dives into the business model, where it’s succeeded and failed, and what a private version could look and feel like. 

They talk about how the network works because of the food fight (that’s why most Twitter alternatives fail – they’re too ideologically one-sided), what it could mean for shareholders, and what it could mean for users. 

Check out, “Instant Reaction Pod! Elon Musk Offers to Buy 100 Percent of Twitter.” on the Plain English podcast. 

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