Podcast Of The Week: My Favorite Podcast From 2022 (Todd Boehly On Capital Allocators)

Who waits until February to put up a year-end recommendation? Cultish Creative. 

Todd Boehly took over Chelsea (my football/soccer club of choice)* in mid-2022. The club was being auctioned off after the previously Russian owners were being extracted from the modern world post-Ukrainian invasion. I knew next to nothing about him except he was an American finance guy. 

It started what has become a side-fascination I have with this man. 

Interruption point directed towards my Premier League friends, this disclosure’s for you: I’m fascinated meaning EVEN IF I don’t want a Premier League All Star game or agree with some of his Chelsea related decisions

I realized sometime last year that Boehly was on a 2021 episode of Capital Allocators I had missed titled, “The Next Berkshire Hathaway At Eldridge.” This became one of the best things I listened to in 2022.I just put it on for probably the third time a couple weeks ago. 

Boehly takes the idea of investing to Warren Buffett philosophy levels. Every experience counts. 

And as he moved (so quickly?!?!) from doing debt deals and workouts, to building a media empire, to seeing around corners in industries most people don’t stop to even consider… damn brother.

If you’re interested in the philosophy of business, do not miss this one.

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