Podcast Of The Week: Online Dating Is Changing The World

Sometimes a quirky claim ends up being way deeper than it appears at face value. This is one of those claims: online dating is changing the global economy, and in no small way. Dan McMurtrie and his firm Tyro Partners published a paper titled, “Dating Market: Thesis Overview” and it’s been widely shared in the finance community. It’s wonky, but the concept is simple – the internet and smartphones have changed the way people meet (duh), the old data on household formation will not apply in the same ways going forward (interesting), especially in communities/cultures/nations with different gender dynamics and social structures (ex. Muslim women on “Minder” – fascinating).

McMurtrie recently appeared on the Odd Lots podcast (How Online Dating is Reshaping the Entire Economy) to discuss the paper and their findings. Don’t be put off by the econometric terms, it’s a very plain English interview. He’s a funny (humorous) guy, and this is a profound piece of research more people should be aware of.

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