Podcast Of The Week: Optimistic And Realistic Coronavirus Conversations

Coronavirus and negativity don’t have the patent on being infectious, positivity and good old-fashioned pragmatism can actually spread too. Two podcasts this week – one for the optimists or those in desperate need of one, and one for the pragmatists who want to hear how two great thinkers are processing all of this information and adjusting to quarantine.

Peter Diamandis is a smart guy (he’s the founder and chairman of XPRIZE, a successful business operator, venture capitalist, and many other things. Personal disclosure: I do cringe a little bit at supplement plugs, but eat what you want to eat people). Bottom line, he’s a dreamer who actually gets things done and he just doesn’t seem to ever quit. James Altucher had a great talk with him on The James Altucher Show about the technologies, medicines, and industries trying to figure out how to solve this crisis. You will feel better about the future of humanity after listening to him.

Between reading Marginal Revolution and listening to EconTalk for years, Tyler Cowen and Russ Roberts feel like personal friends. In this crossover podcast (Conversations with Tyler and EconTalk), they cover their assessment of the situation, how long/short, policy responses, large and small business responses, and their personal quarantine habits. As expected, they’re both insightful.

Stay safe out there.

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