Podcast Of The Week: Patreon CEO Jack Conte On The Creator Economy, Artist Burnout, And Social Media Platform Competition

I rarely repeat myself like this, but I’ve got to do it. If you are getting clients, building an audience, or proactively trying to drive profits in any way via the internet, you need to listen to Josh Constine’s interview with Patreon CEO Jack Conte.

This conversation will help you understand how we got here (“all our content is online and free?!”) and where we’re going (“how do I get people to pay for this?!”).

You’ll also specifically want to make it to the end for the epic summary Constine provides of the conversation, as well as the guest creators who share what’s working for them.

This is just so cool – go listen to the PressClub with Josh Constine podcast, ep. 6. Get yourself good and inspired and then do something about it.

ps. If you missed it, see this post too: “Going From Social Media To Social Media Driven Business.”

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