Podcast Of The Week: Paul Graham’s Essays Via Founders Podcast

Paul Graham’s essays have had an influence on a lot of people. Me included. I’ve written about “The Lesson To Unlearn” here, but when I search my notes I not only see a ton of references to his essays that I’ve made, but also how many times other authors/podcasts/etc. have quoted him (and I’ve made a note) too. 

If you don’t know Graham, or you want a refresher, you’re in luck. David Senra delivers again (and again, and again) with a two-parter review of his favorite Graham essays. 

Listen to Founders Podcast #275 and #276 for insights like:

  • the questions you should ask to figure out how to do what you love (which Senra says change his life the night he read it),
  • why surviving and thriving means learning to “be hard to kill,” and
  • how “character and commitment are more important than ability” in picking partners. 

I am pretty sure you’ll get a week or two of posts from these ideas in the near future too. Have a listen – enjoy.