Podcast Of The Week: Pee Wee On The Dating Show (And Conan’s Eulogy)

Was he weird? Yes. Kind of a genius? Absolutely. I’ve previously discussed Paul Reubens’ mastery in “Pee Wee And Establishing Range.

I know this clip isn’t a podcast. I also know the audio isn’t great. But in the tradition of weird genius and crossover absurdity, here’s Pee Wee making an appearance on The Dating Show in 1979, before the character was famous. \

He doesn’t belong. Nobody expects it, and maybe nobody wants it. But his presence shows another perspective on the whole medium – and how often is that what we’re looking for? A fresh perspective on a formula or something that seems so obvious? I always want to pay attention to people who can see a way to make this shift.

Just below, listen to Conan’s eulogy too. That one is from an actual podcast. It’s moving. The birthday story – you might cry. The first one about what Reubens did on others’ birthdays. Then the second on the personal message Conan found just after he passed.