Podcast Of The Week: Quentin Tarantino

Oh to be a fly on the wall for this one. Rounders and Pulp Fiction were critical parts of my formative years, and I still hold these movies on such a pedestal when it comes to dialogue, stories, and character. To have the writers of each sitting together and geeking out over each other’s work is just so much fun. So. Much. Fun.

Quentin Tarantino sat down with Brian Koppelman and explained how he was “the dumb kid” in his elementary school, how we used to write screenplays for fun in middle school, and how his manuscripts for True Romance and Natural Born Killers were rejected for years (YEARS) before finally getting picked up.

No path is easy. Every truth is earned. There are lessons in every failure if you look for them. Tarantino and Koppelman both have their share, and they’re here in this conversation talking about them for the world to listen.

Check out Tarantino on The Moment podcast and see just what a creative soul with a critical mind can accomplish.