Podcast Of The Week: Questlove On Conan

Questlove has said for a while how Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend may have saved his life during the pandemic. Not only do I find that relatable, but seeing as Quest and Conan both factored heavily into my pandemic and post-pandemic not dying experience, I was so excited when this crossover episode appeared in my feed last week.

Quest immediately goes for gold and challenges the Jeff Goldblum longest intro record (he misses, but this is his first appearance), and I had to stop washing dishes until I stopped laughing in my kitchen when they talked about Jack White’s kickdrum foot getting exhausted.  

I kind of hate it’s not in the YouTube video, but check this out and you really want to hear this whole podcast wherever you listen to yours. My favorite people together is my favorite thing. And considering so much of my humor and music comes directly from these two, yeah. Comfort zone.