Podcast Of The Week: Rebecca Lowe – American Soccer Commentator Extraordinaire

The Press Box is one of my favorite podcast feeds to browse for conversations like this. 

Bryan Curtis sat with Rebecca Lowe, English Premier League commentator extraordinaire, to talk about how she learned to balance talking to hardcore fans and brand new fans alike in NBC’s American coverage of the top English league. 

She talks about her upbringing in a house that knew acting and journalism. 

How she almost went into comedy. 

How she won a contest to comment on TV on soccer matches. 

How unforgivably sexist the word was 10 short years ago (and how much farther we still have to go). 

How a series of lucky events put her in the right place at the right time to get her to where she is today. How she recognizes that luck in hindsight.

How her focus and commitment to “doing the work” kept her progressing, despite the odds stacked against her at every turn. 

Her process to prep for every weekend. 

I’m a long-standing fan of her coverage, and this behind the scenes peek makes me an even bigger fan of her. Do listen.

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