Podcast Of The Week: Remembering John Prine

I have early memories of hearing John Prine in car rides with my family. I remember his distinct voice and those quirky story-songs. It wasn’t until later in life that I started really listening to him and studying some of the craft. A hazy memory of a song turned into an exploration of the human condition (seriously, the lyrics…). He wrote the kinds of songs that songwriters called their favorites. He was the type of journeyman who continuously put out such high-quality work – musically, lyrically, the performances – that anyone in any trade has to admire. Here are several excellent interviews and conversations from this week to help with reminiscing or even discovery. RIP John Prine.

NPR’s Bob Boilen and Ann Powers play and discuss 10 favorite tracks in “John Prine’s Life in 10 Songs.” While there, hear Prine with Terry Gross on Fresh Air in 2018 too (and read Ann Powers’ touching piece, “John Prine’s Songs Saw The Whole Of Us.”

Marc Maron drew some excellent stories out of him back in 2016 on the WTF podcast. This is probably my favorite overall conversation with him of what I’m sharing.

Sound Opinions also interviewed him in 2018 and had a great conversation about his life and career.

I’m still processing this one. Thankfully he left us no shortage of music to keep us company.

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