Podcast Of The Week: Revisiting The Judgement Night Soundtrack

The Ringer’s Bandsplain with Yasi Salek podcast… how have I been missing these?

Yasi, Sean Fennessy, and Rob Harvilla get together for a deep discussion on one of the most defining soundtracks (and worst movies) of 1993, Judgement Night

This was one of those CDs somebody always had. It wasn’t exactly good, but it was so curious, and it knocked so many doors open to ask “what else did they do” in a period when you couldn’t just stream/YouTube everything. 

Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill on a track. Del and Dinosaur Jr. Ice-T and Slayer. 

This was before Limp Bizkit did whatever that was they did, and it was honestly, kind of magical for a middle schooler of the era. Undergrounds colliding. So cool. 

This is such a fun conversation and trip down memory lane, check out the full podcast if this is part of your musical movie history too. 

Bonus: I did NOT know the story of my favorite song from the soundtrack, “Fallin’” with De La Soul and Teenage Fanclub. It’s kind of the standout track in that it doesn’t fit into the harder vibe of the movie or the other artists. Like, at all. But maybe that’s why it works – it’s so early 90s like that, pre Limp Bizkit and Family Guy.   

Apparently, the groups met in Europe after De La selected Teenage Fan Club to work with because they had at least never heard of them (oof). Once together, they quickly realized they were all just regular guys after joking about Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” video. Pos suggested they write a song based on the video, which turned into the idea of them falling off as rappers. They went out, bought the CD, studied it, and wrote a new classic.

RIP Dave. 

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