Podcast Of The Week: Rubin on Huberman

All you Andrew Huberman superfans, I can finally say yes, I listened to the Rick Rubin interview. 

Oh, and you were right. It was really good. Also amusing to imagine Huberman and Ferriss trading, “When I’m in the pool doing exercises and listening to podcasts with Ricky, he always tells me to…”

I’m only a tad envious. 

The early point Rubin makes on AI really struck me. It’s part of a question about if he sees AI as a threat to artists. He says its not. 

Art is interesting because it has a point of view. 

Does AI have a point of view? 

It has the points of views it can copy, or take from its algorithmic creators, and that counts. 

We humans do our own version of the same thing. 

But does it have a point of view we, humans, can look at and convincingly say “interesting!” to? 

I know I can marvel at a chess computer being frustratingly good, or even a ton of these prompted images. But I still weight “human” more heavily in my mind. 

Do you? 

Does this just all reduce to Battlestar Galactica philosophy? I’m genuinely interested in your thoughts, please get at me. Hearing Rubin doesn’t fear AI, and also state a point of view is the only thing that makes art interesting, I am so stuck on this thought. 

Listen –  Rick Rubin: Protocols to Access Creative Energy and Process