Podcast Of The Week: Seth Godin On Daily Writing, Online Education, Overcoming Anxiety And So Much More

Seth Godin’s latest book, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work, comes out this week. He’s making the podcast rounds and two were so good I’m sharing them here. David Perell (North Star Podcast, “Seth Godin: Writing Every Day”) and Tim Ferriss (The Tim Ferriss Show, “Seth Godin on the game of life, the value of hacks, and overcoming anxiety”) both ask enough individual questions about writing, doing creative work (even when it’s hard, even when it sucks), education, teaching, and so much more – without much overlap.

There will likely be several posts this week based on aspects of these interviews, they’re (as expected) packed with well-packaged insights. Give them a listen and check out his new book this week.

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