Podcast Of The Week: Sharpen Your Negotiating Chops With Alex Kouts

Negotiations were always an area where if I got a good outcome I’d chalk it up to smarts, and if I got a bad outcome I’d chalk it up to bad luck. I had no internal compass for gauging success, and worse – no strategy. Zero.

And then I learned a few things. There were actual strategies and tactics to employ, and not just at some philosophical Art of War level.

I’ve still got a long way to go, but thanks to the likes of Chris Voss and Alex Kouts, I’ve gotten better.

Kouts recently did a three-part series with Jordan Harbinger on his podcast (Jordan Harbinger Show Episodes 70, 73, And 76) that gives an excellent high-level overview. If you’re interested in the skill and theory of negotiation and how to practice them in the real world, this is a worthy investment of your time.

If you find that these concepts are new to you, as they were to me a few years ago, then also check out Chris Voss’ book Never Split the Difference.