Podcast Of The Week: Tales From The Crypto [FTX Podcast Collection]

Somebody else made a “Tales from the Crypto” joke already I’m sure, but I thought of it now and I’m running with it damnit. 

With the FTX bankruptcy and crypto ponzi blowups making headlines all around us, I’ve been fascinated by just what happened, who got sucked in (and how), and how the world is going to deal with this on the other side. 

I listened to more podcasts recently about it than I even realized until I scrolled my feed. I figured it was worth highlighting a few here in case anyone else is interested. I’ll separate them into “for finance/business people” and “for normal humans.” 

For normal humans:

Derek Thompson had a great everyman explainer on the Plain English podcast titled, “A Crypto Catastrophe: The Stunning Fall of FTX – and What Comes Next.” 

Michael Lewis, of course, has been hanging out with SBF for the past 6-months and I can only imagine what the movie option will be worth on this one. One of his Pushkin friends also interviewed SBF earlier this year (like Oddlots, below) and wanted to do a reflection on that interview now. Humbling professional lessons ensue. 

For finance/business people:

Oddlots (infamously?) had Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) on in early 2022, where he referred to yield farming as a magic box, which is a fun red flag to look back on. Go back to the original, and also hear Joe Weisenthal, Tracy Alloway, and Matt Levine revisit it after the meltdown

Wealthion covers some basics, what the institutional level risks are, and more on “Jim Bianco: FTX Scandal Inflicting Lasting Damage To Cryptoverse & Financial Markets.” A big takeaway from this one is Bianco sees a lot of institutional money getting even more distanced from crypto for now. 

There were lots more, but I wanted to suggest these as starters. Which ones were the best you heard? Are you overwhelmed/not caring about/over this yet?