Podcast of the Week: The Creative and the Capitalist (Conversations Between Koppelman and Andreessen)

What happens when you put a creative and a capitalist in a room to talk about the overlaps and interests between their worlds? You get insights like this:

How to manage up and down the chain of command in a project where expectations vary massively between the highest level executives and the lowest level people on the ground, and it’s your job to A. Realize your vision for the project, and B. Keep all of them happy/on board so you actually get it done.


How to be a systems thinker where one recognizes that nothing exists in a vacuum and we always have to balance why we care with why others will/should/could care to enact any amount of change on the world.

TV/movie showrunner Brian Koppelman and web browser creator turned superstar venture investor Marc Andreessen took turns interviewing each other on the a16z podcast and The Moment podcast respectively. Both are worth the time – these are two of the most creative and introspective people you’ll find, operating at the vanguards of their respective fields today. I did write about Koppelman’s interview here as well. Enjoy.